About us

Who we are

The Doctors for Ethiopia team is committed to providing medical care for the people at Yirgalem General Hospital in southern Ethiopia. We work closely with the hospital management and staff to provide exactly the support that is needed. We promote the exchange of knowledge between practices and clinics in Germany and Yirgalem General Hospital in Ethiopia and are building a network.

Our association was founded in 2016. We currently have 30 members, many of whom are actively involved. The board and members work on a voluntarybasis. The association is based in Sankt Augustin, a town in the Rhein-Sieg district with a population of about 55,000.

We are in regular contact with the management of Yirgalem General Hospital. Once a year, we visit the hospital to conduct trainings and check the status of the projects on site. Transparencyis very important to us. Our members and supporters, but also you, can work on our projects and contribute your ideas. We welcome volunteersto support our association. Contact us!

Our aim

We have a common vision: to supportYirgalem General Hospital in southern Ethiopia and to optimise the qualityof patient care and hygiene standards.

We try to achieve this by donating medical equipment, sharing experiences and organising medical and technical workshops.

Our motto is: Growth through cooperation. Making a difference together.