One of the main pillars of our association’s work is the organization of medical training. Clinic staff receive trainingand participate in internships. We provide practical training in German clinics for medical specialists from Ethiopia, as well as medical-scientific symposia in Ethiopia.

In addition, in the specialist school of the General Hospital in Yirgalem, we organize seminars and workshops on a variety of topics. We develop a clinical hygiene concept and provide comprehensive training for the hospital staff in order to improve the hospital’s hygienic conditions, which are urgently needed.

Current Project: "Network Against Germs"

The goal of the project “Network against germs” is to transfer knowledge on both sides, which is supported by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ).

Three Ethiopian doctors and a nurse will have the opportunity to work as interns in German hospitals and medical practices for two to three weeks.

In Ethiopia, doctors, clinic staff, and craftsmen from Germany will offer training in hygiene-related topics. Four multipliers will be trained during the training courses, each of whom will be responsible for one of the following occupational groups as hygiene officers:

  • craftsmen/workwomen
  • Doctors and nurses
  • kitchen staff
  • Cleaning crews

The optimized hygiene standards are intended to combat infectious diseases, such as Covid 19 diseases, in the long term and ensure good patient care.