"The receivers receive full hands, and the givers get full hearts."

-Ethiopian proverb

"Growing through cooperation - moving more together."

- Our motto

Village Sponsorship

You are supporting not just one sponsored child, not just one family, but an entire village.

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Moving more Together

We, the “Doctors for Ethiopia e.V. “ association, are dedicated to provide to medical care to Ethiopians in need, in collaboration with our partners. Everyone has the right to medical assistance. We help these people by constructing new medical facilities, training doctors and nurses, and purchasing medical equipment, medicines, and hospital supplies.

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Ethiopia - an exhilarating country

Ethiopia is a country of diversity, with breathtaking landscapes, a rich culture, and the origin of coffee. Its origins can be traced all the way back to the dawn of humanity. In Ethiopia, the 3.2-million-year-old fossil partial skeleton “Lucy” was discovered.

It is the home of the legendary Queen of Sheba, as well as other legendary rulers and a huge number of ancient mysteries. A country where each ethnic group maintains its own traditions and each region differs greatly from the next.

Ethiopia is home to more than 80 languages and 200 dialects. All the world’s major religions are represented here. The country is an adventure for visitors, with rainforests, high mountains, a diverse flora and fauna, friendly people, and a vibrant capital in Addis Ababa.

A country full of beauty, hospitality, and warmth. 

Land area

1.129.300 km²


Addis Ababa


About 115 million


Ethiopian birr

Official language



Abyssinia Empire: 1270
Ethiopia: 12-August-1995

Persons in need

The lack of medical care in Ethiopia stands in stark contrast to the country’s beauty. Because people must walk long distances to reach hospitals, even minor infections can quickly escalate into life-threatening situations.The highest good is health. Healthy people can go to school, work, and live independently.

Helping on Site

Our association’s work supports a rural region in the Sidama zone, where infrastructure is not as developed as it is in Ethiopia’s larger cities. Access to doctors and hospitals is more difficult for people living in rural areas. It is difficult for hospitals to obtain laboratory materials and technical equipment. Because the local laboratory is not adequately equipped for certain evaluations, blood samples must be transported from the village of Yirgalem to Addis Ababa for a blood test, for example.
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