Doctors for Ethiopia - Team & Board

Board & Team

Behind a large, successful project are people with a spirit of innovation, heart and soul and tireless zeal for their work, ideas, and dreams.
We would like to introduce you to these people in the “Doctors for Ethiopia” project:

Doctors for Ethiopia - Team Tigest Lakew

Tigest Sebeczek-Lakew

I grew up in two cultures as the daughter of a diplomat. My ambition has always been to serve as a link between Germany and Ethiopia. The idea arose when I was planning a trip to Ethiopia with some friends who are doctors, and one of them suggested that we do something good while we were there. As a result, the “collaboration with a hospital” project was born. After that, I looked at a few hospitals before settling on Yirgalem General Hospital. When I arrived, the hospital had already begun to innovate and implement some of their ideas. “You can move a wheel faster if it’s already rolling.” am excited about this project because it has so much potential, and everyone’s support makes a big difference. With little effort, you can make a big difference. I’m thankful for God’s blessing that I have a life like this and the chance to give something back.

Doctors for Ethiopia - Team Ulrike Willms

Ulrike Willms

My name is Ulrike and I have been involved from the start. “Doctors for Ethiopia,” a fantastic project where any assistance reaches its aim.
The collaboration of many great people has moved a lot. Everyone can contribute to this project in his or her own way, depending on his or her abilities.
A large network of trustworthy partners and helpers has been established.
However, everything only works due to one person. Tigest, who, with her heart, realizes her dream of providing meaningful medical and material assistance.
Thank to you, the doctors and all the volunteers who helped make this project a success.
You can be very proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Doctors for Ethiopia - Team Klaus-Peter Stamm und David Quandt

Klaus-Peter Stamm and David Quandt

We are the two craftsmen from Taunus who worked for Doctors for Ethiopia in the hospital. Our work is multi-faceted, that is, tiling, plastering, plumbing and building inspection. Our motives are to pass on a part of our craft and to be able to train two people each. When the orphanage is built, we will be involved again.
Doctors for Ethiopia - Team Hartmut Schulz mit Joseph Bolz

Hartmut Schulz

“Since 1986, thus over 30 years, I have been volunteering in my spare time and vacations for several organizations with relief goods transports into various countries in Eastern Europe, among other things, for several years cooperatively with Tigest Lakew and the association “Doctors for Ethiopia” since 1986, thus over 30 years. Now that I am retired, I have decided to take a more limited role, but I have been inspired by the actions of the association, and I have decided to devote my entire experience to the association, particularly the range logistics.  This also applies to my partner Josef Bolz, who at 83 years of age is still fully involved. Especially the trip to Ethiopia in 2018 has stirred me personally and strengthened my will to continue (as long as it is physically and mentally possible for me) to support the association in its activities.


Doctors for Ethiopia - Team Peter Travnik

Dr. med. Peter Travnik

Dr. Med. Peter Travnik is a resident general practitioner in private practice and owner of two practices in Leverkusen.

Doctors for Ethiopia - Team Wolfgang Agethen

Wolfgang Agethen

Why I am with “Doctors for Ethiopia”? It is a unique relationship. With compassion and empathy for all people. New skills are developed as a result of new experiences. To assist those who are in need. And get a great feeling about yourself. This is “Doctors for Ethiopia”.
Jule Hänel

Jule Hänel

I am excited to help people who are in need in a concrete way, away from the dry mathematics of my profession! Working together to construct the home will be a fantastic experience. In the process, I hope to learn a lot from other people!
Doctors for Ethiopia - Team Michael Elberfeld

Dr. Med. Michael Elberfeld

As a flight surgeon in the German Armed Forces in 1980, I became acquainted with the appealing combination of medicine and travel, and my wanderlust never left me.
After decades of practicing medicine, I wanted to find a charitable project, particularly in Africa, a continent that had always piqued my interest.
Ethiopia, a country rich in history and populated by proud people, was the right choice. I found a very satisfying task in this project with Tigest and the other staff members.
A grateful unspoiled child’s smile is priceless in a time when busyness, selfishness, money, and envy unfortunately often reign.

Doctors for Ethiopia - Team Marianne Merx

Marianne Merx

I am a member of the organization because I believe in the concept and the projects. I am also aware that every dollar goes directly to the project and does not end up in administration.

Doctors for Ethiopia - Team Haymanot Lakew

Haymanot Lakew

I have vivid memories of my childhood. My parents gave me all the freedom a child can have, and they frequently, if not always, granted my wishes. I did not know suffering because I grew up in a very loving and protected home. We all flew to Addis Ababa when my sister decided to marry at the age of 19 in Ethiopia. My family welcomed me with open arms, and I immediately felt at ease. I stayed in the car while we ran errands for the wedding. The bazaar (Merkato) was enormous, with a large number of people walking around, which was a completely new experience for me. Then, there was a knock on my door. A small boy, perhaps 4-5 years old, approached me and asked if I had a birr (10 cents) for him. Initially, I was stumped for words. However, an elderly blind man approached the vehicle and apologised for bothering me with his nephew. “On the street,” he replied when I asked where they lived. I gave him a dollar The elderly gentleman responded, “God bless you and your family. May He multiply that for you.” Although it was only one dollar, I enjoyed the feeling of having made a small contribution to someone’s well-being. I knew I could and wanted to do more after that. Anyone can help and it does not take a lot to do so.