Village sponsorships

Village Sponsorship

We are currently looking for village sponsors. This means you are not only a sponsored child or a family, but an entire village! In connection with our project to build a children’s home, we are looking for sponsors who can financially support the project while also providing security.

We rely on sponsorship donations to cover the costs within the village and to provide long-term security for the families.

Of course, we understand that various events in your life may occur that make sponsorship support no longer possible. Your sponsorship can be cancelled or paused at any time. Please talk to us so that we can locate a suitable replacement as soon as possible.

Here is how your money will be put to work:

  • Accommodation
  • School attendance
  • Daily meals
  • School books and exercise books for lessons
  • One new school uniform per year
  • Emergency medical care
  • Care
  • Expenses for the teacher
  • Tutoring, excursions
  • Working groups: Handicrafts, home economics, music, home improvement

Would you like to take over a village sponsorship?

Starting from 35€ per month the support by a village sponsorship is possible. Please contact us via the contact form and we will get back to you to clarify everything!