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Midwife Genet Legesse in Yirgalem

After the first part pf the project “Network against germs” has been a complete success already (see our post First project part „Network against germs“ completed), midwife Genet Legesse travelled to Ethiopia in January 2022 to offer a three-day hygiene training for nurses and medical doctors in Yirgalem.

The training consisted of a practical and a theoretical part. Afterwards, Genet Legesse provided all the training materials for futute (refresher) trainings. Up to 20 people could be filled with enthusiam for participating in the training!

To secure sustainable improvement of hygene standards in the hospital, Dr. Tibebu and Genet Legesse had a final review. But exchange of knowledge always goes in both directions for us: The midwife was able to gain valuable experience and learn a lot on her journey.

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