A success story in the Corona era

A success story in the Corona era

We have been committed to provide medical care to the people of Yirgalem Hospital in southern Ethiopia since 2015. We work closely with the hospital’s management and staff to provide exactly the supportthat is needed. We are building a network and promote the exchange of knowledge between practices and clinics in Germany and the Yirgalem General Hospital in Ethiopia.

The association Doctors for Ethopia e. V. (Doctors for Ethiopia), based in Sankt Augustin, was finally able to implement the first part of its project “Network against germs” in October 2021. This project was funded by the Society for international cooperation (GIZ). The nurse Hirut Fisseha and the three doctors Dr. Dinkye Abebe, Dr. Tibebu Abebe and Dr. Mesele Tegegn were in Germany for four weeks to observein different hospitals and medical practices. Since it was the first time that the four guests were outside of Ethiopia, they used the first week to get to know the country, the people, and the culture.

Our four guests interned, sometimes together, sometimes separately, in numerous clinics and practices to exchange knowledgeand experiences– from Siegburg to Berlin via Würzburg and Bad Neustadt. But it was also important to us that they get to know the culture, people, and country. You can see the stations of the internshipon the article picture.

During the visit, particular emphasis was placed on hospital proceduresand hygiene measures with the aim of finding out which measures can be implemented promptly in the partner hospital Yirgalem Hospital. Hygiene measures in Germany and Ethiopia were compared and optimized.

The second part of the project will be a trip of the association Doctors for Ethiopia e. V. in the spring of next year to Yirgalem to offer further training and to establish and optimize measures. The goal is to build on what we have seen in Germany and to implement further measures in a sustainable way. The second goal is that our four guests in Ethiopia become our contact persons and multipliers.

The first part of the knowledge and experience exchange project has now been concluded by afarewell party on 30.10.2021, to which not only members but also friends and supporters had been invited

As planned, our guests flew back to Ethiopia on 31.10.2021 and arrived tired but happy at their families.