Doctors for Ethiopia - Cleaning lady Marta

Heart story about Marta

Martha was a long-serving employee of Yirgalem General Hospital who put in a lot of effort. She was a member of the cleaning crew, and she caught our attention because she was completely dedicated and enthusiastic, even though her monthly salary was less than 20 euros. She has always inspired us with her dedication over the five years we have known her, because her work has made a significant contribution to hospital hygiene. She is ill today, in 2021, and has to live with a half-salary pension. We, the association Doctors for Ethiopia e. V., have decided to supplement her pension for a year for her to live a dignified life in old age. “Do good and talk about it”. Four friends spontaneously agreed to take over the pension supplement for the remaining four years after hearing this story. We are overjoyed that a small effort can make such a big difference.