Return visit within the project “Network against Germs”

In March 2022, a delegation of our association was Yirgalem General Hospital’s guest in Ethiopia for 10 days. This visit forms the second part of the project “Network against Germs”. In its first part in October 2021 three doctors and one nurse from Yirgalem observed, got to know culture, land and people, and exchanged knowledge and experience in Germany.

The first part was already a complete succes; this time the focus was supposed to be on the Ethiopean culture, land and cuisine and we were able to gain many experiences and impressions given by the people on-site during lovely evenings together. Moreover, the exchange of knowledge continued, for instance by special trainings for on-site craftsmen by our craftsmen. In addition, we bought two new water tanks and installed them with joined forces, and we even had for both sides enriching converstaions with the state government promising good cooperation in the future. We also paved the path for future virtual exchange by buying and installing a schreen with internet connection and are already looking forward to more mutual exchange of knowledge.

Curious? Here is a video of our journey for vivid impressions!

Video of our journey