Welcome to the association, MUTABOR Mensch!

We warmly welcome MUTABOR Mensch as a member of the association Doctors for Ethiopia e.V. We are particularly happy about the exchange of knowledge and experience that is very important for us as an association: For 20 years Mutabor Mensch has been providing children and youth assistance and we are looking forward to share this experience through our cooperation.

But this is not everything. To support us financially, MUTABOR Mensch came up with something special: In the campaign “Restcent”, the cent amounts of the net salary and/or one euro are donated by employees voluntarily. Within one year and with over 100 colleagues a great sum is reached. In the past, the donations of this campaign went to internal projects, but not we can consider ourselves happy that MUTABOR Mensch chose to support our project “children’s home” and even doubled the campaign’s contribution! We are very happy about this extraordinary help and are looking forward to the cooperation. It is nice to see that the emplyees are also looking forward to our common project as you can see in this post.

Through campaigns like these we keep getting closer to the implementation of our project “children’s home” and will soon be able to enlighten the world of some children partially.

You also want to support us financially? This can easily be done via our donation page!